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Accurate report is the key for correct diagnosis

It is not only the right procedure with right equipment, but the right radiologist writing the accurate report is the key for diagnosis. To ensure the accuracy of patient reports,

IHC - International Health Center

has taken the pledge to:

  • Many of our radiologists have skill sets in specialty areas such as Neuroradiology, Breast Imaging, Interventional Procedures, Body Imaging and Musculoskeletal Imaging.
  • We cater to the imaging needs of every patient with highly skilled specialty reads. The radiologist in an applicable subspecialty can access the study and provide the interpretation.
  • IHC is invested in staying updated with the latest technologies and regulations.
  • Sophisticated medical equipment used during exams are maintained by highly experienced engineers periodically, as required by our quality management system standards.
  • We work collaboratively with referring providers for prompt results and follow-up care.